Welcome to Carolans


  • What is Carolans?

    Carolans is an Irish cream liqueur – made in Ireland from the finest Irish ingredients including fresh cream, honey, fine Irish spirits and Irish whiskey.
  • Where is Carolans produced?

    Carolans is produced in the Clonmel area in Ireland – the word ‘Clonmel’ derives from the Gaelic ‘Cluain Meala’ which means Vale of Honey. Clonmel, in County Tipperary, is also set in Ireland’s famed ‘Golden Vale’, recognized as a great natural dairy land.
  • How is Carolans made?

    Carolans production is a four-stage process combining traditional expertise with modern, highly sophisticated technology:
    1st Stage
    Blending: Irish whiskey and spirit are carefully blended together in a vat to prepare the alcohol base for Carolans. When the right blend is achieved, it is mixed with the fresh cream at a nearby dairy.
    2nd Stage
    Mixing: Cream, honey, water, and stabilizers are mixed together with natural colors at high temperatures in large stainless steel tanks. Stabilizers are essential to ensure that the product does not curdle. Achieving the right mixture is a delicate process and is tightly controlled using modern, sophisticated equipment.
    3rd Stage
    Binding: After an appropriate period, the cream mixture is fed through stainless steel piping to a homogenizer. During this process the spirits, and flavors are fed into the mixture. The homogenization process ensures that the cream does not separate and binds all the ingredients together. The technology, which binds the cream and spirit in Carolans, is highly specialized, ensuring long life and a full, fresh taste.
    4th Stage
    Result: Following homogenization the mixture is cooled and bottled at the Clonmel area plant. Prior to bottling, samples are taken from every batch of Carolans for analysis and quality control. This close attention to quality ensures that the highest standards are maintained and only the best product is bottled.
  • What makes Carolans different to other cream liqueurs?

    All Irish Cream liqueurs combine cream, Irish whiskey, spirits and flavours for their taste. The technological process used in making Carolans is unique, ensuring a rich creamy taste. Also, the flavours are different in Carolans, in particular, the use of honey.
  • Could you describe the taste of Carolans?

    Vanilla flavour with a smooth texture. Creamy taste, accented with the burnished gold of aged spirits and wildflowers honey.
  • Can Carolans be mixed with other drinks?

    The cream content in Carolans makes it very versatile for use in mixed drink recipes, as well as a perfect ingredient for delicious desserts . However, citrus mixers are best avoided.
  • What is the typical alcohol strength of Carolans?

    Carolans standard alcohol strength is 17% (14,5% in UK).

  • Where does the cream for Carolans come from?

    Carolans is created using fresh cream, which is primarily sourced locally from Ireland’s ‘Golden Vale’, a renowned dairy area in the world.
  • Why does the cream not separate from the whiskey?

    In the production process, the cream and spirits mixture is ‘Homogenized’. Essentially, this breaks up the cream into tiny particles and disperses it evenly in the product. This prevents the cream from separating.
  • How long does Carolans last?

    An unopened bottle of Carolans will last about 2 years on average, but this can vary depending on the storage conditions - exposure to excessively hot storage conditions can adversely affect the shelf life. All cream liqueurs are best drunk ‘young’ and best enjoyed within 6 months of opening the bottle, refrigerate after opening. Carolans bottles do have a Best Before End (BBE) date so to always provide consumer an outstanding creamy and velvety experience.
  • How should Carolans be stored?

    Cool storage conditions are essential to keep the product at its best: between 5° - 20°C. Carolans does not have to be kept in the fridge, but does taste great if you do so! When opened it is warmly advised to refrigerate to better preserve it.
  • Does Carolans contain Allergens or Gluten?

    Carolans Irish Cream is gluten free. Being Carolans made with fresh cream, caution has to be paid by people having milk intolerance.