5 simple Christmas table ideas

Sometimes happen that we don’t have, long time before, time to prepare all table decoration for Christmas dinner.
Here you can find some suggestion about how to prepare a perfect table in a few simple steps saving money for Christmas gifts!

1- Simple table cloth

Simplicity is the password! You don’t need a table cloth specific for Christmas because simpler it is, the more you can build on it. White one will be perfect! First advice: make sure that tablecloth and napkins goes right in the washing machine when the meal is over. This means more time with your company!

2- Keep your place setting simple
Use what you have!
If you have plates you can use them, if you don’t use what you have at home. A great pairing could be use white and red plates or green and white ones. If you have just white and simple plates, no worries, with the addition of some fresh greenery or herbs you can make it in the right Christmas spirit.

3- Candles, candles and candles!
The best way to make your dinner closer is using a suffused light. Soft light invites people to linger longer. You can simple put candles in clear glass container.

4- Keep it low
Don’t fill up your table with candles and enormous centerpieces.
When they are too high they took away from the dining experience, and there wouldn’t be space for plates and no comfort for your guests. Use low square vases and fill the bottom with red berries (that perfectly match with the color of plates) added water, herbs and green leaves.

5- No fancy napkin holder
Tie a ribbon around a casually gathered napkin, tuck in some greens and some red berries held together with some floral wire, and that’s it!
Little secret: add a small branch of rosemary for the fragrance.

You see? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make wonderful your table. Just make it pretty and welcoming without being overdone. And now, enjoy your meal!

(Photo credits: rouvajonesinkotona.blogspot.fi)