Honey has been used for a variety of purposes and products for thousands of years. It’s healing properties and versatility has given honey a significant part in history dating back to Egyptian times, where it was often used to symbolise royalty.

Honey is incredibly rich, with a signature flavour that makes it ideal for both sweet and savoury cooking. It also has many cleansing properties, making it the perfect addition to spa treatments and a sweet aroma that we have come to adore in incense and scented products for around the home.

As well as being one of the core ingredients of Carolans Irish Cream, cream is also used to make a whole host of other delightful products.

Enter the velvety world of Carolans Irish Cream and discover the many powers of honey…

Soap: Honey is used in soap for its cleansing properties and rich aroma

Carolans: Derives its superior taste from the blending of flavours and principally honey

Glazes: Used for sweet or savoury glazes, honey dries clear giving a golden finish

Desserts: Its sweet taste makes honey ideal as an ingredient in puddings or simply dripped over indulgent desserts

Preserves: Honey is one of nature’s natural preservatives so is perfect for keeping fruit and vegetables

Polish: Perfect for revitalising wood, honey cleans and stains wooden furniture giving it a fresh new look

Candles: Honey and beeswax are combined to make luxury candles for the home

Room Incense: Honey has a sweet aroma that is popular in room sprays and incense

Throat soothers: Honey is used in throat soothers and cough sweets for its antibacterial qualities

Body butter: Thick, rich and indulgent, honey is the ideal moisturising ingredient for skin creams

Shampoo and conditioner: Cleansing and nourishing, honey is a great product to revitalise dry hair