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Creative ideas for gift wrapping

Creative ideas for gift wrapping

Each and every one of us has experienced the situation of having a present to give without a proper wrapping, or being unsatisfied about the wrapping from the shop, and not having any nice paper or decoration at home.

Actually, when you give someone a neatly wrapped present, you show that they are special to you, and the gift itself looks more carefully chosen, especially if it looks creative and customized. Moreover, the process of unwrapping itself is delightful, and it heightens the anticipation of opening the gift.

Here you will find a few very easy tips to make you gifts look beautiful at no expense and very little effort.
The basic idea is: be creative. Any kind of paper can be used for the purpose, including wallpaper, old maps or comics. You could also customize it according to the recipient’s passions: for example, an old music sheet would be perfect for a music lover! If you don’t have anything suitable, print your own in the right size: for example, a calendar of the right size with the significant date highlighted on it.

Also, simple plastic bags of different colors can look great if you put it together and triple-bag the gift, knot the handles together on top and fan them out.
If you only have simple brown paper, you can add a twist to it by gluing on top of it a paper doily, that you can carve out using the old technique we all know from kindergarten days.
So, next time you will be in this situation, don’t be afraid to try a new solution!

(photo credits: beautyandthebudget.com; realsimple.com)

Easy tips for a restful sleep

Easy tips for a restful sleep

The benefits of a good night rest on health and longevity are well known, and everyone can relate to the delightful feeling of well-being resulting from a deep, high-quality sleep! Despite the duration of our sleep is not always in our power, we can effectively improve its quality, and make it really restorative.

Bedtime habits are very important: you always should go to bed in a relaxed mood, with daily worries locked outside the bedroom. Difficult as it may sound, there are a number of simple ways to achieve this, you should only find what is more effective for you. Before this, we must remember that the way we sleep depends chiefly on our daily habits.

• A healthy lifestyle, including daily physical exercise and a healthy diet have a positive impact also on the quality of our sleep.
• Smoke and caffeine never help: not everybody knows that caffeinated beverages, including tea and soft drinks, can affect our sleep until 12 hours after their consumption.
• The environment is important: the bedroom should be cool, free from any light and silent; the mattress and pillow comfortable and not beyond their life expectancy.
• Avoid to have heavy meals in the evening, because difficult digestion can keep you awake, but also avoid to go to bed on an empty stomach, which can also disturb your sleep. In this case, have a light snack before bedtime: turkey, yogurt, soy beans, tuna, peanuts, milk and honey are ideal options because they contain substances that improve relaxation.
• Wind down before sleeping and separate daily activities from sleep: first, write down all the things you need to worry about on a piece of paper, and then try to leave them behind and spend the last hour doing a routine, non-stimulating activity, such as reading.
• Do not use an electronic device, since the light emanating from the screen activates your brain.
• Stick to a bedtime ritual, that can also be surprisingly effective in helping relaxation: a pampering bath or shower with relaxing aromas, or sipping a chamomile or milk.
• In addition, there are a number of simple relaxation techniques that can be very effective, such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or visualizing a relaxing place or activity.