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The Power of the Cream

The Power of the Cream

Pure decadence comes in many forms; from richly scented perfumes to indulgent desserts. But right at the heart of all these things lies a common secret – high quality ingredients offering a moment of indulgence, just like honey and cream. As well as being one of the core ingredients of Carolans Irish Cream, cream is also used to make a whole host of other delightful products.
Enter the velvety world of Carolans Irish Cream and discover the many powers of the cream…

use cream instead of milk to create a thick and rich milkshake.

Hot Chocolate and Cream:
whipped cream is the perfect topper for a hot creamy chocolate.

Face masks:
Cream is gentle yet nourishing, so perfect for use on the face as a revitalising mask.

Bath milk:
Milk and cream have calming qualities. Add two cups to your bath along with ½ a cup of honey for the perfect calming soak.

Hair mask:
Revitalise and restore tired hair using a homemade cream and honey mask.

Banoffee Pie:
a combination of banana, toffee and cream – the ultimate dessert.

pastry balls filled with fresh cream and topped with chocolate.

Creme brulee:
this cream based dessert is crunchy and warm on the outside and sumptuously cool and smooth on the inside.

Ice Cream:
combined with your favourite flavourings, ice cream is the perfect summer time treat.

Cream Coffee:
instead of milk, cream coffee is thicker, sweeter and more indulgent.

only the best cream suppliers are considered, since the cream is such a vital component. It is this uncompromising quality that gives Carolans such a smooth consistency.

Vanilla and coconut oil body scrub

Vanilla and coconut oil body scrub

Exfoliating has always been an important step in all skin-care treatments.
If your skin has become a little rough, or has darkened due to pollution or exposure to dust, a body scrub can rejuvenate your skin by removing the rough layer and leave it soft and smooth. The basic ingredient for this body scrub recipe is coconut oil, a plant-based oil that has the property to clean away dirt and dead skin cells, giving your skin a silky texture and bright color. It is a unique substance: it is solid and white at room temperature, but melts into a clear oil with just a couple degrees of warmth.

To prepare this scrub you will need one cup of coconut oil; if the temperature is not warm, you may need to heat it up in a saucepan over low fire, stirring with a wooden spoon until it liquefies. Then, pour the liquid coconut oil into a small mixing boil, and stir the following ingredients: 2 cups of white sugar, 3 tablespoons of honey, and one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract. You can use a fork or your hands, in this case you will be also exfoliating and moisturizing them.

The combination of coconut oil with a grainy material such as sugar is perfect, because it improves the effect. Sugar is very effective as an exfoliator, and we have already talked about the moisturizing and softening properties of honey. Adding pure vanilla extract will make this sweet mixture the everything smell heavenly.

This scrub will successfully scrape off excess dead skin and clean out whatever substances have blocked the pores without leaving the skin feeling irritated. You can also transfer you mixture to pretty mason jars and give it as gifts.

(image credits: thehealthyhavenblog.com)